To our foreign neighbors - 01.07.2020

We are happy that you want to train with us and you are very welcome to practice on our track. 

All people visiting us are treated the same, and all people have to respect the same rules:

    1. You have to buy the practice ticket in our onlineshop. We have limited capacity and ticket availability is based on a first come, first serve basis.
    2. Each adult rider has to book for himself. No one can book for other riders. Only parents can book for their children.
    3. Any booking is non refundable and not changeable.
    4. For guests or your teammembers, they have to fill a form at the office at the track.
    5. When you complete the purchase, you will receive an email. This email is your proof of purchase and you need to show it at the office.
    6. You find the office at the end of the main street at the start.
    7. There you will get a wristticket. You are obliged to wear the ticket at your wrist. Don´t put it at your bike or your protector.
    8. Please park your cars side by side, 5mtr. distance between every car. No wagon castles.

That’s it!