Register a Proteam

If you want a contract with our club for training during the week follow this steps:

The prerequisite is that we are talking about a professionally managed team structure. You are responsible for all of your riders. In the event of any incidents, we only settle this with the team, never with the rider.

Please remember that as an association, we regulate everything on a voluntary basis alongside our job and we don't have all the time to check everything. Pro partners often use the site alone and we expect you to be 100% responsible. Instruct your riders accordingly beforehand. If we identify violations, these will generally be punished with financial penalties for the team.

If you are a pure MX school, the Pro agreement is not suitable because:

  • No beginner driving courses on our sand tracks
  • No shortcuts
  • No group training

For MX-Schools it is better to rent a complete track. Please send an E-Mail.

If you meet the requirements:

  • create an account on  
  • Use your Teamname, so we can identify your team  
  • send a request membership. Push the  blue membership button (TAKE A LOOK AT THE PICTURES). On a PC  right side above on a smart phone scroll on the ticket side down. It will only  work when you are logged in.  
  • than we see your account and can change it to pro.  
  • Please send an E-Mail ( with your teamdatas, because we don´t look everyday  for requests.
  • Create riders
  • than you can see the pro tickets. Tickets have to be buyed for each rider of your team.

Please note:

  • Refuel only in the box
  • Ride only on previously approved tracks
  • Washing is not allowed in the paddock
  • the paddock is not for training
  • No driving without prior registration
  • Leave no trash
  • If the gate is closed, please ask for the gatecode. The code is only for you, not for the community
  • trainingtimes PRO Teams are:
    • wintertime: tuesday, wednesday thursday 11 am to 5 pm
    • summertime: wednesday, thursday 2 pm to 8 pm
    • The other days when we are open for everyone it is not necessary to use your Proaccount. Every rider can book for himself. Normally at the weekend and during the summertime also on tuesday.
  • During the ProTraining our members are also allowed to ride, so we maximize the numbers of Pro Riders to a limit. The Limit depends on wheather and the date. When there is a GP near by we put in some more tickets to give more Pro Riders a chance to ride. If all tickets are sold out you can ask for additional tickets.
  • More questions? E-Mail: